“The Virtual, Otherwise” international conference, June 2 – 4, 2022

The Greek node of the international conference “The Virtual, Otherwise” will take place in the Public Benefit Foundation of Nikolaos and Eleni Porfyrogenis in Agria onThursday, Friday and Saturday June 2-4, 2022.The program combines the screening of recorded keynotes and panels, live online discussions with anthropologists in various parts of the world and parallel actions (podcasts, exhibitions, games, music, screenings, theater workshop) that will be conducted live.
Indicative program
Thursday, June 2
12.00 Instagram Lives (Cairo)
13.00 Have you heard this? (podcast)
14.00 Sound Booth
15.00 The Joy of Glitching
16.00 Film Shorts: Feminist storytelling: engaging the future through the past
19.00 KEYNOTE Corazón de Robota (She-Robot Heart)
20.30 Opening – Welcome to the conference
21.00 Otherwise Athens: Four Prospects of Virtuality in the City
Friday June 3rd
9.00 Ghosting the City: Zooming in on Otherwise Publics in Virtual Worlds (Hamburg)
11.00 KEYNOTE Surveillance Capital and Occupation
12.00 Sound Booth
13.00 Artist’s Block: Creative Collaborations on Post-Soviet Panel-Block Apartment Art
15.00 Diasporic Praxis: Re-thinking Ethnographic Approaches to the Balkans (Bulgaria)
17.00 Exhibition– Environmental manifestations of trauma
18.00 Let’s decolonize the City! The Game & Video
19.00 Sound Booth
20.30 Desktop Cinema (Views on the Terrace)
21.30 Ethnographic film selections (Views on the Terrace)
Saturday June 4th
11.00 ΚΕΥΝΟΤΕ Aimee Meredith Cox
12-13.30 Say otherwise/Αnthrobombing Workshop (pre-registration only)
13.00 Virtual Geographies of Los Angeles: Responses to Ecology of Fear (UCLA)
13.30-14.30 Sound Booth
14.00 The Map, the Story & the Photograph: Multimodal Methods Against the Grain of Environmental Change
16.00 Sound Booth
17.00 Perspectives on public anthropology: open discussion with Anthrobombing
21.00 Music in the Metaverse !!!!
Organization & coordination
Penelope Papaelia
Penny Paspali
Organizing team
Evi Despotopoulou
Konstantinos Diamantis
Kostis Kalantzis
Mel Kalfanti
Violetta Koutsoukou
Dana Papachristou
Mimina Paterakis
Petros Petridis
Eleni Sideri
Sharon Jacobs
Nick Smith
Student Support Group Univ. Thessaly
Phoebus Zotis
Fotini Kitou
George Konstantinou
Dimitra Morosou
Michalis Panagiotopoulos
Anastasia Strimtsou
Erica Chiukadana
Olga Fotou-Parthenidou
Ilias Marios Haliamalias
Support agencies
Society for Cultural Anthropology
Society for Visual Anthropology
Experimental Humanities Collaborative Network
Cooperation agencies
Social Anthropology Laboratory, PTH
Association of Social Anthropologists of Greece
Culture-Borders-Gender/LAB, PAMAK
KTEL of Magnesia
Courtesy of space: The Charitable Foundation of Nikolaos and Eleni Porphyrogenis