Tsibiridou Fotini

Professor, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece
Acting Head of Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies, University of Macedonia
Acting Director of the Laboratory for the Study of Culture, Borders and Gender (Lab/CBG)

She has studied at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS –Paris France)  from where she holds a Ph.d in Ethnology and Anthropology (1990) and a Master in Ethnology and Anthropology (1985). As anthropologist, she has done extensive fieldwork in Greece among the Pomak in Thrace, in Turkey and various countries of the Middle East East (The Sultanate of Oman). Since 2008 continues her basic fieldwork research on gender, citizenship,  religion and politics of resistance in Istanbul and other Balkan and Mediterranean cities.

Her research interests focus on power relations and political economy, ethnic minorities, religion and gender issues, Balkan, Middle East and urban ethnography.

Beyond her Phd thesis, she has published 6 books and many studies (over 35) in academic journals and collective volumes. F. Tsibiridou (2000) Les Pomak dans la Thrace grecque. Discours ethnique et pratiques socioculturelles, Paris: L’Harmattan, 2000. F. Tsibiridou (2006) Moslem Women of the Orient‟ Representations, CulturalMeanings and Politics. Athens: Kritiki [in Greek]  Á. Karakasidou, F. Tsibiridou (guest editors) (2006), Ehnograph-ing Greece in Late Modernity, Journal of Modern Greek Studies, Special Issue, 24 (2)October. 217-445. Tsibiridou (2009) Being under minority or migrant condition. Experiencing the „culture of the state‟. Athens: Kritiki. [in Greek], F. Tsibiridou & D. Stamatopoulos (2008) Orientalism at the limits. From the Ottoman Balkans to the Contemporary Middle East. Athens: Kritiki [inGreek], F. Tsibiridou & N. Palantzas (eds) (2013) Myths of the Other in the Balkans. Representations, Social Practices, Performances. Thessaloniki: (eBook ISBN978-960-8096-05-9) E. Deltsou and F. Tsibiridou (guest editors), Semiotics and Fieldwork: On Critical Ethnographies, Punctum. International journal of semiotics 2:2

Tel:(+30) 2310-891-426
Email: ft@uom.edu.gr