Sarikoudi Georgia

She is a Post-doc Fellow at University of Macedonia, Dept. of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies. She holds a Phd in Social Anthropology (AUTH). Both her Master thesis and her PhD were related to refugee studies. Her main research interests concern refugee studies; migration; Greek refuges; civil war; socialism, postsocialism; social memory; material culture.

Tel: +30694637322

Research Title: Knowledge economies and mobilities: immigration from Greece to the Czech Republic at the 21st century

Abstract: The project will study the migration of young qualified Greek men and women to the Czech Republic during a decade: from 2009, the year of the economic crisis within the European Union until 2019, the year of the global outburst of the Covid-19 health crisis, which has destabilized the economies and changed the travel conditions. Since 2009 the migration movements from South European Countries were increased. The new emigrants are heading to a variety of destinations from the Middle East to Canada and Australia. However, in Eastern Europe and especially in the Czech Republic every year about 1000 Greeks migrate. It is a new uncharted area of study that will reveal useful information about the relationships and hierarchies between the European countries. Our research is planning to answer questions about the factors that are pushing- pulling them out of Greece and towards Europe, the reasons they chose to move to Czech Republic, their relationships with prior Greek migrants to this area and their perception of the transnational immigrant status as well as their future plans (permanence of mobility, or further emigration in another European country/ continent or return to Greece).Drawing upon social anthropology and history we propose to carry out a multidisciplinary research which will contribute to the ongoing academic debate on the sociocultural and political perceptions regarding the “brain drain” migration inside Europe and especially in the region of the former socialist East Europe.

Key words: Greek migration, brain drain, Czech Republic, economy of knowledge, migration of knowledge, networks