Club for Gender Studies (GS-C)

Since 1960, the study of gender has been associated with the history of social and feminist movements against social discrimination, sexism and racism. The creation of teaching and research programs in the USA and Western Europe was the turning point for the academy and research in general, initiating the creation of equivalent institutions and good practices self-awareness in most universities on a global scale. The Gender Studies Club is part of the Lab/ Culture- Borders-Gender. It aims to promote mindfulness with respect to gender issues and the promotion of equality in teaching, research, and policy. From the standpoint of social anthropology on apar with History and Cultural Studies identifies research and activities in the social and cultural construction of gender, the life histories of women and feminist movements, research of structural of symbolic patriarchy, the dominance of hegemonic masculinity, of violence, sexism, and discriminations that have become entrenched because of gendered and sexual identities within structural power relations. The Club supports interdisciplinary programs, events, publications, and initiatives that focus on the study of gender and the promotion of equality within the Lab/ Culture- Border-Gender of the Department of Balkan, Slavic, and Oriental Studies of the University of Macedonia and the wider academic place. In this framework, it collaborates with the Gender Equality Committee of the University of Macedonia. At the same time, the CLUB aims at promoting wider collaborations with different institutional actors, stakeholders, and civil society initiatives concerning activities, networking, and events that focus on the gendered perspective and promote equality on the local, national and global levels.