Dan Georgakas: A Personal History of Greek America


As part of the “CULTURAL STUDIES: TEXTS-CREATORS-ACTIONS” Cycle, we are discussing, on Monday 5/20/2024, at 6:00 p.m., in the welcoming area of Pikap Kato (Olympou 57, downtown Thessaloniki), about the Greeks of America on the occasion of the book by Dan Georgakas “My Detroit” (Translated by Anastasia Stefanidou), Athens: “The publications of colleagues” 2016.


Kostis Karpozilos, PhD in History, University of Crete

Anastasia Stefanidou, Ph.D. in English Literature, AUTH (translator of the book)

Antonis Balasopoulos, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Cyprus

Entry is free to the public.