Between the Worlds: Magic, Miracles and Mysticism 2020 – Key note speech 31.10.2020, by Fotini Tsibiridou

Τhe regional collaborative project NATIONLESS, a common effort of the Institute of social sciences and humanities – Skopje, DAM-DAŠ/ Škart – Belgrade and the University of Macedonia-Thessaloniki – Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies.

This is the visual and/or audiovisual documentation of the Lab’s activities

Signing at University of Macedonia Rector ‘s office a partnership memorandum among: The University of Lyon2, Aix-En-Marseille, Monumed Project, University of Macedonia and Institut Francais de Thessalonique. 19/12/2019

“Our Faraway Neighbours” lecture series – Dr. Ivona Grgurinovic, 6/11/2019

Course of Silent Apology to Jews Lost in the Holocaust  3/11/2019