8/4/2024 – Florian Muehlfried: “The Georgian-Russian Border: Perspectives from the Periphery”
Florian Muehfried, in his presentation, traces the transformation of the border between Georgia and Russia from soft to hard based on the example of the Georgian highland region Tusheti. After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, the border region was managed flexibly and “from below”. This was followed by an internationalisation of border guarding and attempts to its spiritual fortification. These three phases of border guarding can be related to three different models of the state, and of being a citizen.

Between the Worlds: Magic, Miracles and Mysticism 2020 – Key note speech 31.10.2020, by Fotini Tsibiridou

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Signing at University of Macedonia Rector ‘s office a partnership memorandum among: The University of Lyon2, Aix-En-Marseille, Monumed Project, University of Macedonia and Institut Francais de Thessalonique. 19/12/2019

“Our Faraway Neighbours” lecture series – Dr. Ivona Grgurinovic, 6/11/2019

Course of Silent Apology to Jews Lost in the Holocaust  3/11/2019