TRANSCA, Translating Socio-Cultural Anthropology into Education

TRANSCA is a European initiative/Erasmus+ project that champions the integration of social anthropology into education to address pressing societal concerns, such as diversity, immigration, and socio-economic disparities. The project’s primary goals encompass bridging teacher education with socio-cultural anthropology, instilling key anthropological insights into teacher education, and innovatively addressing the complexities of classroom diversity. Essential to TRANSCA is introducing reflexive anthropological methods, enhancing educators’ understanding of their students’ lived experiences. Collaborating with prominent institutions across Greece, Denmark, Austria, and Croatia, TRANSCA emphasizes partnerships with Teacher Colleges and related associations. Key deliverables include a “Whitebook” of best practices, a concept manual, and a suite of teaching resources, all hosted on a sustainable digital platform. Ultimately, TRANSCA aspires to augment social inclusion in European education, propelling social cohesion across the continent.
See the project’s webpage and final deliverables: